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I was learning the basics of Blender 2.79 from a 10 hour video course on I’ve used 3ds Max in the past but I can’t afford it because I’m just a hobbyist and my 3ds Max student version ran out. I was swearing a lot at the Blender 2.79 interface because, while I’m sure that it makes sense to some people and I’m sure it has advantages, I think it was designed by very very drunk people. Or people far more intelligent than I am who are slowly showing us the way that all software works in 2050, or quite possibly both.

Long story short, I heard about 2.8, downloaded, installed it, played around with it for 20 minutes and I’m hooked. It’s more like Adobe stuff, 3ds Max, and every other Windows program I use.

I’m looking for a comprehensive video training course on it. I know it’s beta, so I’m not expecting anything perfect or anything that won’t change a little bit.’s courses in Blender are anemic. Udemy has two, but I’m not sure if they’re any good and it looks like one person took 2.8 and reverted it back to 2.79 with the hotkeys and stuff, which kinda kills the point. Amazon’s got nothing by way of books. YouTube videos seem to be 2.79 mostly, and I doubt that they’re going to serve as a basic training course because YouTube is more scattershot than Lynda and Udemy.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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2.8 is under construction.
Any video that you could find about 2.8 today may show something that was not there in a video made a month ago. And this thing could have another name, icon or behavior in one month.

If you do a search with Beta or EEVEE as a tag, you should find videos about users sharing their tests and thoughts about 2.8.
You may take a look to Blender Developers youtube channel where pablo demos new features and behaviors added compared to 2.79.
But don’t expect serious courses before one or two months. That would be scams to publish some, today.
People did not have time to create ones with a 2.8 that does not crash.

Blender 2.8 kept fundamentals of 2.79. Tools are the same. But the way to access them is new and different.
And sometimes, these new paths or old paths of manipulations user have to make to access the tools have not been completed or not polished enough to make things fluent.
2.8 codequest brainstorm happened last summer. And devs are still restoring bridges, roads in this new landscape.
That is not the ideal moment to search an agency for a tourist road trip.

@markholley if you are interested in a specific area of topic I can be of help. If you want to specialize in sculpting, pbr texturing, 2D drawing, rigging, particles, hair and groom, or other areas PM me. I’ve woked with max, modo, softimage, maya in the past. Cheers

Thank you zeauro. I do understand what beta software is, and while I’m relatively new to Blender, as a professional graphic designer for over 20 years, I wouldn’t categorize myself as any sort of tourist. The road trip that you mentioned began when I started using Print Shop and TheDraw for DOS boxes back in 1986. I’m able to sculpt and push/pull vertices quite well with 3ds Max and to a lesser extent Blender 2.79. I understand the concepts of texturing very well, though I’m not very practiced with it. Having been a Flash animator doesn’t give me a magical ability to rig anything quickly, but I know how to place and lock cameras, execute a basic three-point lighting setup, and export in the file formats and FPS that I’d require.

As I get older, I look forward to video courses as a way of unwinding after designing ePubs, various print pieces, and web work that I’m asked to do in my day-to-day. It’s my low-impact way of becoming really familiar with an interface and it’s just as relaxing as Netflix.

Your advice is noted.

Hi David! Thank you for your reply. I’m guessing that an hour of your training time is more than I’d spend in two or three months for a Lynda subscription. I might be looking at a promotion at work soon, and if I get it I’ll keep you in mind as a way to treat myself to personal tutoring for some of Blender’s physics and effects.

Have a great week. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark. It´s a joy to have you onboard here on Blender, then! All that experience now entering an awesome era of realtime graphics with the ease of 2D and 3D tools. Total marvel.
All right, we´re all here to help. And if you need specialized course, let me know. I´ll be posting my reel sometime in February to showcase Blender 2.8 (even on alpha stage) to it´s max.

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I just wanted to revisit this to say that Udemy has several interesting-looking Blender 2.8 courses now. I’ve purchased a couple of them and I’m looking forward to diving in this weekend. :slight_smile:

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