compressing file

i compressed a file of 4.5 MB and got 0.95 after closing the file

but as soon as i re open it and work then save then close it again
it;s back to it former 4.5 MB?

anything that can be done against thisbehavior ?


I would not think so unless the application you are using supports something like “save as compressed”. (might be an option in the save as menu).

in the save menu there is a field for compressed tht you can turn on

and i did that as i said but after reopening working and saving again the size of the file return to it’s old bigger value

which i find weird !

so what is the procedure to reduce the size and keep it small unless you add lots more objects ect…


Hmmm, What program are you talking about? What file format are you trying to save as (.zip, .rar. etc.?)

it’s s standard blend file which i’m trying to reduced in size with the compression option
but does not seems to work as it should!


Well, I set my Blender default settings to “Compress File,” but I noticed the same behavior you’re describing. I save a file as compressed, then later re-open it and it will not always have the compressed option selected when I save again or Save As. I’ve made a habit of manually double-checking that “Compress File” is selected every time.

I’m not sure if this is working as intended or if Compressed Files are always supposed to remember their Compress File setting when re-opening and re-saving.

or may be this is a bug ?

not certain where to checl that ?

Well, maybe we can wait for some more opinions here before reporting a bug. I’m not sure how this setting is intended to work.

i think this is lkike that for a while a lwast a few months that i remember

Compressed should be definitively clean up of useless things inside the file and should be smaller in size that’s the goal of the compression process

but seems that bender does not remember that
may be blender has alzeimer LOL


You know, I never paid any attention to this, thanx.

when you d lot’s of mif add delete ect…

the file keeps growing up so compess is a usefull functin that
clean up the unnessary things inside the file and reduced the size also

so it’s an improtant factor

sam thing when you play with database dictionnaries you need to compress to clean up ounce and a while
mostly during the developemtn phase

anyway an comment might be usefull