compression for posting question??

Hey guys, I know there was recently a compression post just added but I am trying to post about a 3 min blender Archivision I’ve just finished up but am having trouble getting it below 100 mb without getting it to like one big blurry pixel. I’d like to get it up in .mov and .avi and have use Sorensen and Cinepak.

I can probably get it a little better in the .avi with DiVX and XviD, but am stumped for my .mov.

Any suggestions much appreciated

Thanks a mundo :smiley:


I’ve used Sorenson 3 before (widely recommended to me) but found the results horrible for any reasonable amount of compression. I now use 3ivx for my .mov files - I’m not sure if it’s available for all platforms or not (I’m on Mac) but it gives better results at higher compressions.

Note however that in Blender 2.37a, the 3ivx codec almost always corrupted the output. So I had to save in one format then open in a video editor and re-export in the 3ivx format. I haven’t tried it in 2.4a2 yet.

Thanks Andy,I’ll check that out and see how it goes. I guess I’m just going to have to mess with Sorensen3 some more.