compression in rendering

How do I set my compresson for best sharp rendering, the default is 90 percent?

Set the image settings to 100 percent or switch the format to .png.

Additionally, you can sharpen the image through the compositor and reduce the AA filter size if that’s not enough.

In the Output tap or during saving.

Cheers, mib.

Please explain compositer and AA filter size, where do I find them, are they in the render window…I always use 100 percent image setting.

May you should read the manual. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.

“for best sharp rendering…”

what does “best” mean for you?

Best image Quality = use 16Bit EXR, TIFF, DNG

Best image Quality = use 16Bit EXR, TIFF, DNG

no sir, 32 bit :wink: But unless its in the studio it will all likely end up 8 bit JPEG in the end, i certainly dont want to wait to load your uncompressed HDR images :stuck_out_tongue: