well, the only questions I seem to have these days are about saving blender animations to video. Well, to start off, I just rendered a 20 seconds animation. It is over 400 megabytes. I am preparing to render a full minute animation, but am worried that my computer won’t be able to take it. I rendered that 20 second animation with the uncompressed avi codec. Is there a way to have the same quality, but smaller file size?

Well, it depends on the size of your frames, and the frames per second, which along with time are the main factors in determining the size of your video. I would say that you should render your entire mintue of video as uncompressed avi, which would make it around 1.2gb, which hopefully will fit on your HD. If not, consider getting a bigger HD, since less than 1.2gb of free space is really bad. Once you’ve rendered your animation, take it into VirtualDub and compress it there, since Blender’s video compression isn’t that great - it sometimes crashes in the middle. As for the codec to use, DivX is good, and they were giving away licesnses a while ago. If you didn’t get one, then try XviD or something else. I hope this helps you! :smiley:

that does help, but where do I get videodub?

You can get VirtualDub here:


well, I am back with a new question. I downloaded virtual dub, but it doesn’t seem to compress anything. I opened a 150 megabyte avi file and when I saved it using the program, but it was the same exact size and I think the quality got worse. so, what am I doing wrong?

anyone, please?

I’ve never used it myself, so I can’t help except to point you to the online documentation:expressionless:

But this is the new year weekend, so give it a couple of days and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of responses. Be patient!

[Like my Dad says: “Patience! I haven’t got time for that!” :stuck_out_tongue: ]

You can always get 7zip. If you render your movies in raw AVI and compress them into a 7zip file, you can reduce it alot. IIRC, I got a 20 meg file into 400kb.

what you are doing wrong is not reading the documentation :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, download the divx codec from here:

Install it. Open your file with vdub. Goto Video >> Compression. Choose the divx codec. Hit ok. Save file. Now marvel at the fact that your file is between 50-100 times smaller.


It doesn’t have to be divx btw, any codec installed on your system should work. It’s just that divx is very popular due to the fact that it:

a) compresses files a huge amount but still retains a lot of quality
b) is so widely used now that just about anyone can play a divx movie.