Computer Artist(s) Needed

I need a computer artist(maybe more than one) to work on a project i am programming. I need him to take some ideas from me but has a pretty free form on what to draw. I need you to do it for free or the little bit of money i can spare. If there are any takers please e-mail me at [email protected], you can also post your reply here if you have any questions.

any ideas on wut its about?

Here is my one question for such requests:

Is this for a commercial project?

The game will be an online multiplayer which will be based in a magical time. There will be 3 characters with different abilities needing to be animated. There will be 2 guys and a girl. The first guy will be a melee combat, the second will be a bowman and the girl a mage.

To the other Question, it will not be a comericial project. Just something i want to do for me to have online to enjoy.

Thank you for your questions