Computer Build Advice

I’m looking to build a computer for ~$2000.
I would use it for gaming, school work, octane, 3ds max , maya , autocad and BLENDER.
This is what I have come up with so far:
CPU:2600K + V8 Cooler $450
GPU: GTX 470 Phantom OC $400
RAM: G SKill 8GB 1600Mhz $110
MOBO: ASUS P8P67 Pro $170
CASE: HAF X $240
M/K: Gigabyte M6980 + K8100 Keyboard $150
HDD: Samsung F3 1TB $80
DVD:Generic $25
PSU:True Power Quattro 1200 $280
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium OEM $100
Total $2010

I have tried to make this build with upgradeabilty in mind e.g. more RAM second GTX 470 or maybe a cheap quadro

Thankyou for any advice

what about a gtx 570 or maybe a quadro 600 for $300?

how many faces could a GTX 260 handle?
my old quadro 750XGL can only handle 200’000 lol

The quadro 600 will blow for gaming.
And I have no idea about the GTX570 unfortunately. I do not know it the OpenGL performance issues only persist for the GF100 chip or also the GF110.

My old GTS250 is able to handle ~1.5mio triangles in OpenGL, shaded in edit mode in Blender, beyond that it gets hard to work with. For sculpting with mutlires I can´t really remember or say, I use sculptris for sculpting anyways. Maybe GSoC will change it though and I go back to Blender for sculpting :slight_smile:

It also should be possible to run a Radeon as display card and a GF as CUDA device in one machine - at least according to nvidia support. I am currently determining that over in the octane forum though, maybe someone runs such a setup and can actually confirm it.

Best would be though if the OpenGL issues would not affect the GF1100. Then you buy a GTX580 and have peace of mind for the next 2 months :stuck_out_tongue:

So because of OpenGL problem with Nvidia cards (Linux + Blender), Ati is better solution? Are ATI drivers better than they were before?

I can not buy 5850/70 or 6950/70, but I can buy Radeon HD6850 or maybe even HD5830? What should I buy?

I am newbie at this so…