Computer ClassRoom

I made this design for a new computer classroom for my own school this weekend. It was an assignment to completely design a new classroom while keeping the cost under €20000. It thought it was a great project and this is the result:


You have an excellent result, Davinade! Your modeling is believable, and the texturing and materials are excellent. I am actually working on a similar scene at the moment, so I have a question; Are you using some simple trick to clone all these various objects, or are they simply actually existing in the scene (shift-d)?
If I could make any suggestions, it may be to add some randomness to the placement of objects, as well as perhaps the display graphics (I understand in presentations this is not as much of a concern, of course). Also the direction of light in the exterior environment appears differently from the direction of light coming into the classroom.

Other than that, great job!

I only have 2 problems with this image:

  1. Everyone is a left handed mouse user at this school?

  2. They are showing Windows 8 instead of Blender!

:slight_smile: Nice job though

Yeah looks really nice :smiley: my only crit is that they all look the same, like some mega OCD cleaner has cleaned the place and precisely put every monitor, keyboard, chair and mouse in the same place :smiley:

Good job, but I have never been in a classroom where the chairs were that aligned. or one that was that clean… I would add some randomness to the image.

There’s something weird going on in the corners of the window frames, they seem kind of round instead of having a right angle. Missing a “Mark Sharp” or edge loop, maybe? NIce render, though.
@@James_Candy: You can use Alt-d instead of Shift-d to make copies, but be aware that any change you make in one will be inherited by the others.

If you make changes in edit mode all of the Alt+d created objects will be changed but the objects can be scaled and rotated outside of edit mode…thats how I would do it:) But ya some mouse pads and I would shift the mouse to the right side…but I guess I’m not a lefty:) The trees out side should be far mor over exposed (brighter and washed out) for this kind of shot also the perspective is off for the trees. I would look for more of a close up tree line giving the illusion that the ground is not 20-30 feet down like the tree image you have now is doing. It really is a great attempt though…but Windows 8 aahhhhh your killing me:P

haha the only reason I used windows 8 for the screens is because we will get windows 8 in our new classroom (I don’t say I like it)

furthermore, I did use alt+d to copy everything, and the reason that the mouse is on the left is just pure stupidity:).
The reason that the background picture isn’t exactly right is because I did not have enough time before the project was due.


P.S. I don’t try to excuse for some of the flaws in the picture, I just want to give you a reason:)

No worries…deadlines are deadlines:) Just more experience for the next go around.

Happy Blending:)