Computer compatibility


My 13 year old son is an exceptional illustrator, and very interested in Blender. My computer can not handle it, I have been looking at this one Will it be sufficient? I do not have the experience to know for sure. Also, if anyone has better suggestions for around the same budget I would appreciate it.


That’s more then enough,it’s overkill actually.

Whats the specs of your current PC (There is a wide array of tools you can use if you don’t know).You might be able to get away with just upgrading your old one.

If you really want to have a new PC then i suggest you order the parts yourself and put it together (much easier then it sounds)

Gaming cards are meant for gaming and will give average performance,if you are going to use it for cycles then i suggest you get a Quadro card instead (or you could get another workstation card if cycles ever supports them in the future)

Also i would suggest you don’t spend too much on a PC,get the basics like the motherboard,2-4gb of ram and stick with the default cpu and onboard gpu.If your son doesn’t lose interest then you can upgrade.Also if he really wants to learn then you can get him a subscription here for all the lessons and tutorials he needs: