computer controlled RC cars

Got the chance to practice blender in a project I’m currently running. Unfortunately it’s uglier with integrated live footage, rather than running only CG, but it is at the same time more instructive. I’ve stared at this for a solid week now, so I can spot a ton of things I want to improve. What do you guys think?

I left heavy math out of it, in order to just illustrate the control loop / pipeline of things, and I tried catching the viewers attention at the start (hence results before method)

Oh! And all of the video editing was done in Blender. Did not know it could do that before.

I think the transitions between each “slide” were longer than they should be but not by much.

I was curious about how the computer calculates what the car should do and stuff; but I understand not everyone is interested in such details. It would’ve been nice to see some visualization of the math and stuff, but I guess it’s not a priority.

How long to idle on the slides have been an issue. I think i settled for four seconds on average, but these are things I’m completely blind for after sitting with this for so long. Thank you!
To be honest, most of the details were left out because the system is extremely simple from an engineering point of view (linearized models, purely proportional regulators and stuff that is really basic in control theory), so it looks more advanced this way. Also time, since I didn’t want to bore people that knows everything about these kind of regulators.
Good input. Thanks!

I think it is brilliant! The project is really fun ( as a watcher ) and well handeled. I would have loved to have such an interesting student project. Good work!

I mean the time between the slides, the transitions, when the camera is moving and stuff.

Very cool !!:yes:
awesome work!!

Right. I thought about those too actually. Ill make sure to “idle” just a little less next time.