Computer desk comparison testing.

Hi everyone, its me and my desk again. I need some help with my project. Take a look at the two concepts shown below and tell me which one you like the most (if you could give a reason that’d be good, but if you just perefer one over the other that’d be cool too).

Im going to match 2 of my 3 concepts at a time (supposed to avoid bias) so make sure you check this thread a couple of times so you can decide which one is best out of all 3. (Hope that makes sense).

Ok the first one.

second one.

Thanks in advance.

At the moment I like the first one more. It looks very original. The first impression was that this table must have been designed for an IT professional. Very interesting design.
The second one didn’t have this effect. The open space on the right just doesn’t seem as effective as the solution in the first one.

Simply put: number 1 is my choice.

Likewise, Number two has the shelves and I can’t think of anything I’d be able to use them for. My printer wouldn’t fit, scanner lid would be a pain, they are the wrong aspect for most things…

Drawers are a much more convinient place to dump stuff.

Aside from the shelf issue it is a close run thing though, and I wouldn’t be able to choose.


i dunno

i think i like the second better because its more stylish, and personally i can actually see myself using those shelfs

I like the first one the best because I don’t have some monitor thing sticking out and ocupiing space for other stuff I could use.

I’m a little different I guess because I might prefer the second. My desktop gets cluttered with stuff all the time and shelves would help quite a bit. However, the top one is sleeker and with good drawer space (i.e. if I actually liked the inside) I might pick it over then second.

That’s a difficult choice… In some ways I like the look of the first more… But then the second has the openness going for it. Almost seems more relaxing. Though I can really see stuff easily falling under the desk from those shelves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Re - the 2nd desk.

How do you alter the height + tilt of the monitor to get it to a good level / position for the user of the desk?

Similarly with the keyboard, I take it’s rigidly part of the desk surface? So no chance of moving it around to get it to a comfortable position for typing?

What happens if the keyboard or monitor break down? Or you want to upgrade the monitor?

Interesting idea, it just doesn’t seem very ergonomic.

ok i have one fundamental issue with both of them… Ergonomics.

how do i adjust the height of these desks so that the keyboard is on my lap (or as close to), and so that the monitor is 1/3rd above eye level?

the layboard looks built in to me.

number one looks better so far. but i think you have spent more time on it, and kind of included number two as an afterthought.

No 1 has some major issues also IMO. mainly leg movement.