computer desk

made this in two days
day 1 modeling
day 2 materials
here for feedback:eek:

It looks pretty good in one sense. Here are my critiques:

  1. wall and floor need different materials.

  2. wall needs some sort of subtle stucci texture.

  3. the desk drawers should have the faces shaded flat, or more detail added.

  4. try adding a window frame.

  5. add a real wood texture to the desk. Right now it looks like speckles.

These are the main small details I’ve found. As far as the image itself, my main critique is to make it more interesting. Here are some things to try:

  1. add more objects on the ground or desk. Make it feel lived in, and make the objects reflect the user’s personality. The only thing I see of any interest at the moment is the one plant. Maybe even add a human.

  2. add more colour to the scene. At the moment the main influences are the big gray wall and floor, and the black technology and chair-back.

  3. add interesting lighting.

Here are some specific things you could try:

  1. add a rug.

  2. make the chair red.

  3. colour the wall a pale shade of some other colour.

  4. Add a rubix cube or cup of coffee to the desk.

  5. put some plants on the window-sill

  6. have sunlight streaming in through the window

Having the floor wood, tile, or carpet will really change the feel. Pick which feeling you’re going for, and let that define the details. I think a wood floor would work best if you add sunlight streaming in through the windows.
Wow, I didn’t mean to write that much! Anyway, good luck, and I hope this was helpful.

I think this picture would be much improved if it looked more like a room it was in. The texturing of the room floor and walls and adding a window sill are important i think. There are some things that need to look more glossy then they do. The plant should be glossy and have some transparency. The plant holder. The models are pretty good though. I also feel like everything looks more far away and distant for some reason. And yes something personal about the room would be good, so we know who lives here. or something about them. Good work so far.

You could also try a lower camera view, with more perspective, to make it feel more real.

Try another composition, frame main element of your work. Now it’s very much empty space. Good luck!