Computer fails to Boot

Here’s my Dxdiag:

My computer gets stuck sometimes when booting.
After it displays the Intel logo, it shows little two letter words on the lower right and it freezes on “EB”.

When i press the reboot button it loads normally.

Can someone explain what could cause this and how can i fix it?

upgrade your motherboard chipset drivers and anything else on your motherboard like the network adapter and the sound card drivers.

If that doesn’t help, then look for a BIOS update.

If you have external devices like a firewire breakout box for audio, then make sure those drivers are up to date too.

You can take a quick look at the Event Viewer for signs of trouble. Start Menu -> Run -> compmgmt.msc Then click Event Viewer -> System and look for warnings.

Is the problem reproducible in any way? That would help to narrow the cause down.

Are there any messages displayed right before it stalls? The boot process is pretty linear and the BIOS will attempt to get devices working sequentially so there is usually a message somewhere about the hardware it is currently trying to initialise.

I’d be more inclined to look for hardware issues first, since the drivers tell the OS how to use the hardware and the OS is booted after things like video cards and sound cards have been initialised (which, from memory, doesn’t need drivers since it uses the device firmware).