Computer freezes when rendering

(TigerTjader) #1

I just installed blender and I was reading some tutorials, and in 3 of 4 attempts to render the scene the computer froze, 2 times just after it was rendered and 1 time in the middle of the rendering. I’m using a nVidia TNT2. Thanks.

(z3r0 d) #2

does it freeze if you render the default cube?

(TigerTjader) #3

that’s exactly what I tried to render 4 times :wink:

(MassTA) #4

What OS? Windows ME? :slight_smile:

(SoftWork) #5

(TigerTjader) #6

What OS? Windows ME?

Windows 2000

I’ll try that config to render in the 3d window, I’ll tell what happened here later, thanks.

(TigerTjader) #7

rendering in the 3d view window seems to solve the problem, is there anyway I can set Blender to render in the 3D View window when I press f12?

(Fligh) #8

In F10, Output tab, change from DispWin to DispView.