Computer freezes when rendering

I just installed blender and I was reading some tutorials, and in 3 of 4 attempts to render the scene the computer froze, 2 times just after it was rendered and 1 time in the middle of the rendering. I’m using a nVidia TNT2. Thanks.

does it freeze if you render the default cube?

that’s exactly what I tried to render 4 times :wink:

What OS? Windows ME? :slight_smile:

What OS? Windows ME?

Windows 2000

I’ll try that config to render in the 3d window, I’ll tell what happened here later, thanks.

rendering in the 3d view window seems to solve the problem, is there anyway I can set Blender to render in the 3D View window when I press f12?

In F10, Output tab, change from DispWin to DispView.