Computer graphics course using Blender?

Two years ago I taught a computer graphics course, primarily using OpenGL and the Red Book. Toward the end of the course I introduced the students to Blender, after they had a grasp on the basic graphics concepts.

This year, I’m planning to teach the course the other way around, with Blender as a major component up front and working OpenGL into it as we go along. I see it as more of a “top-down” approach to graphics, where we can quickly get interesting renders and examine the process involved as we go. It’s not a course on how to use Blender or how to be a graphics animator; it’s still a course on how computer graphics are done, from a CS/Engr standpoint.

Before reinventing the wheel, I was wondering if anyone has taught or taken such a course before (be it Blender, Maya, etc). What were some of the pitfalls I should avoid? What worked particularly well, maybe better than a traditional CG course?

These class notes exist from another wheel inventor


perhaps join the Blender education list?

I brought up the idea of using blender as an education platform for programmers about a week ago - see my post here

The Shuttleworth foundation might be willing to sponsor the development of such educational materials.


Ken is looking to teach Programming using Blender as a basis those course notes appear to be focused on teaching animation.