Computer heat problem?

I’ve got an older Inspiron 1000 laptop which I use for checking email and writing and other such stuff as my Macs are rendering. (Including adding my MacBook Pro to the mix if there is a project deadline)

The main HDD loads XP pro, but I also run Puppy Linux (with a flash drive as the dump drive) as well as FreeSBIE. From day one with Puppy, I’ve noticed that the system has tendancy to suddenly just power down like someone pulled the plug. Especially while doing anything like watching video.

At first I thought it was some kind of odd glitch with the system being run from ram and the gxine media player.

Then I was using FreeSBIE. First few times, nothing really happened, and then it started doing the same thing with files and mPlayer. Then today the same thing happened in XP pro.

So I rebooted into FreeSBIE and loaded XFCE and watched the CPU temp. It operated @ 72 - 75 for most tasks. Then I loaded a video and it started to creep up. So I stopped playing the video and the system remained stable.

Anyone else had problems like this?

could be the fan on top of the cpu has given out, and the cpu is overheating.

Or rechargeable batteries eventually turn into resistors, and the heat from it is enoug to push your cpu over the edge.

or dust has clogged up your airflow vents

or dust has gathered inside the pc and is clogging up the airflow

Laptops are chronic for overheating as they get old and tired, or full of dust. Check the things Papsmurf said. My brothers laptop had the most issues because of dust.

I happen to have an air commpressor at home. Every once in a while, I use it to blow dust out of my laptop’s system. If you have access to something like that, it works to get rid of dust that you would otherwise not be able to reach.

although you’re not supposed to do that due to the static it creates.

What static?

I got a laptop for about 2 years - works ok.

I’ll try to remember to bring it with me to my Dad’s over christmas. (he has an air compressor) It could be any of those things. The Battery is about dead, lasts about 10 minutes unplugged, and I’m sure there’s dust in there. The fan still seems to be working.

It’s to the point where $80 for a new battery isn’t totally out of the question (I do get some business value out of it being able to check my email when my other machines are busy).

Now that i have my MacBook Pro, I was planning to turn this into a FBSD laptop full time here when I get a free day to install it. (I hope it’s as painless as FreeSBIE was in detecting my wireless card and everything). 2.2Ghz CeleronM with 512MB of ram will handle FBSD like a champ.

I had this exact problem when my power supply was too weak. Low power to fans actually heats them up, therefore shutting down the computer.

…That the compressed air creates hence why you can by anti-static cans of compressed air, and anti-static hoses.

Also, distilled water can be used to clean but you’ve gotta make sure it’s all dry before powering on. Dispite distilled water not being able to conduct electricity, the impurities you’ll add by using it to clean; will :slight_smile: