Computer not powerfull enough

I am trying to model a big scene. sometimes my polygon account goes up to 100,000 and by then. my computer has issues. I have tried decimate to lower my ply, getting rid of faces not shown still having issues.

I was wondering about rendering in layers. is this possible?

yes just select the models in object mode press m and select a layer from the popup. you’ll then need to set up your render layers in the render properties panel.

Like small troll says this is indeed possible. You will want to render the scene in multiple layers and combine them in the compositor. However, this won’t solve any issues you have with the viewport.

You can also try to cheat whenever possible.
Do we still talk about that bridge scene of yours with the 1000s of wooden planks, all individually modeled? Do you really need that much detail? Why not simply cheat with plank textures? The walkway in the render below consists of one single polygon - which is about as low as you can get.

If you want an extreme closeup of your bridge you can still model a few planks - but not all of them. Geometry whereever needed, cheating whenever possible…:smiley:


There are a lot of people who have done much fancier and larger scale work with less powerful computers than yours, DOMO79. As far as I know, we still have not seen wires of your too-high poly work, nor any indication that you have done any of the basic modeling tutorials that have been suggested.

Your polygon count is going through the roof, because, quite frankly, you don’t know how to model properly. And it increasingly looks like you refuse to learn. So what are we supposed to do for you?

You could’a been a contender, DOMO79, but you have to be coachable to get good. We have plenty of Blender coaches here, but I think we are still waiting for the trainee to show up.

Yes yes lots of advantages to putting it together in compositor. You can make many adjustments there.

Thanks guys.
yes for the detail of the model. I guess that’s what makes me like modeling so much. Doing high poly. I always thought high poly models look amazing. I’m going to get a better computer in the future. should I go with 4 or 8 GB of memory? Right now I am using 2GB 500Gb hard drive and no graphics card only the CPU. I have a emachine El1 360G desktop. probably the cheapest desktop you could buy. But soon, I plan to get a better computer since I want to make this a career


Given what you have posted so far, you are nowhere NEAR the capacity of your current machine.

It’s not the number of polys that make a model amazing, it’s the skill with which they are used.

A better computer is not going to make you a better modeler.

If you are planning to make this a career, then know this: They don’t pay by the poly.

Post your wires, get some advice, follow it.

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hey i had one of those :smiley:
it is more than capbable of handling a large scene. As orinoco rightly says you dont need to model every grain of wood and fleck of paint. just build the shape and let your textures deal with the details.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]280328[/ATTACH] just an example when I changed my render settings.

Actually, I think I now know why my computer couldn’t handle my renders.
I was selecting sampling presets, path trace, caustics, and square samples.

This time, I only did high resolution at 100 percent , 500 samples but can go more and full global illumination for light paths and I had a crystal clear render. I guess my machine can handle all those other settings final preview, included because it would either crash or never move on to a render and stay at a black screen.

If you plan to make this a career you’ll no doubt eventually take some actual classes and get some real training. At that point someone with more authority than us schmucks on some forum on the internet will also tell you that you are modeling with far more polygons than you need for the result you’re trying to get. Maybe you’ll listen to that person.

I dunno, K Horseman… There are a lot of tech and art schools out there mainly interested in getting kids to sign up for loans rather than interested in educating them. And a lot of CG artists are essentially self-taught. I don’t think he’s coachable. And coachability seems to be a personality trait, not something you can learn. If he’s twelve, maybe he’ll grow out of it, but if he’s late teens or beyond, it’s probably hopeless. I expect he’s got himself all worked up that he’s not gonna ‘back down’ before the likes of us.

I understand, I can use one plane to make many boards and do detail when it’s up close to the camera to save memory and make things easier but,
even when I do Andrew prices tutorial on realistic textures using displacement map. my poly count goes right up for the subdivide to get the bump in my textures and it still doesn’t look as good. I actually do better with eternal engine using normals then cycles for the textures.
From what I understand only the Internal engine uses normal but for cycles normal doesn’t give it bump but displacement does.
I have been learning about quads and how to get rid of extra faces and such by dissolve edges, faces and so on.

I just wish can find a good tutorial on applying textures because. in cycles I have tried generate and UV and sometimes the texture is all messed up even when I mark the seams and its a cub for such as a plank. and of course my normal and displacement issues. if I send my project file, can someone see what I am doing wrong? From there I know its about learning but, I cant seem to get the textures to look real no matter even If I try Andrews price realistic tutorials and crazy bump.

Post the file on here for everyone to have a look. I am by far no expert on modelling etc inside Blender. But I know my way about texturing and such and I’ll see what I can give my opinion on. As for Normal maps in Cycles, It works for me. I’m probably wrong the way i set my nodes up etc.

Could someone give me their opinion on this?

For some reason the Normal map wire never connected to the diffuse node. But yeah that’s where it would be.

P.S sorry for jumping in on the post.


First things first. The sequence is:


If your mesh is messed up, there is no point looking for advice on texturing or rendering. You are trying to use advanced techniques when it seems you have not mastered (or maybe even learned) the basics.

Do you understand what I mean when I say: “post your wires”?