Computer Part question?

So my computer just tank a week ago we found out one of GPU died an now i have extra Titan black. so i was wondering is any way i could turn that in to like a sever card. connect it i guess to network? to shared ? is that a thing?.

any help would be great :).

In order to connect a GPU to a private render farm for network render the GPU must be:

  1. Connected to a computer
  2. The computer must be connected to the LAN (i.e. the same wifi or ethernet as the computers trying to use it for rendering).

So you cant connect a GPU directly to the network.
Hope this helps!

P.S. What do you mean “one of the GPU died”?

Oh i am sorry i completely forgot about this forum. just remember today an thank you i can put it in my old PC see if that works.

An it blue screen my computer. and then stop working all together took computer shop he just said it was dead card. surprisingly window still work in SLI mode if only 1 card dies.