Computer performance

I have a dual core intel celeron 1.86ghz in my laptop and have noticed that even if Blender is the only application in use it will only use one core unless rendering because I changed the thread setting.

Is there any way to make Blender use both of my cpu cores because it would allow me to go beyond 10,000 polygons without terrible lag :frowning:

Thanks in advance, AnTs101

You are kinda in the wrong area there.

The best way to improve the 3D display is to add more RAM and a better graphics card.

What are the other specs for your laptop?

Intel celeron dual core T1500 @1.86ghz
2gb of DDR2 RAM
sis mirage 3 graphics 128mb

It’s a pretty awful laptop and I know it’s not designed for 3D graphics at all but some people use worse.
When I test it with 10,000 polygons it becomes very laggy but blender still uses less than 50mb of RAM and will only use 50% of my cpu (one core)
Although as you say it may be the graphics card that maxs out.

Yeah, if you have enough RAM, it is probably the graphics card, though 10,000 polys isn’t a lot.

If you are using Blender 2.5, look in User Preferences -> System and try some of the other Window Draw methods. Maybe one of the alternatives will suit your laptop better.

10,000 is pretty limiting, it can handle more but it becomes far too laggy and makes doing stuff incredibly difficult.
I’ve already changed the UI draw method to the best one for me because the default on makes the tool bars slide away in a strange fashion.

Do you think a 1gb graphics card would be enough for when I buy a new computer?

I guess that your graphics card is really the problem…?
Any nvidia, even a quite old one ( 6xx series to get pixel shaders) will be more efficient l!