Computer Problem And Rendering


What can it be, lately i have had this desktop freezes (no movement on desktop even after 10 min, nothing works only restart helps).

Last time i was rendering and opened firefox to read online newspaper (the page has a lot of animated flash advertisement). Got frozen frame of desktop, 40 hours render was crashed and there is no resume option :frowning:

I was thinking maybe it’s PSU fault but before i got new one, should i look into something else?

Windows has that hybrid sleep that resumes all work from sleep mode that i do for good night sleep.

Is there way i can auto backup all the work with given interval (~ 2 hours or so) and resume from backup like wake up from sleep resumes?

Maybe it’s your RAM, my computer doesn’t do so good when I go over, how much RAM does your system have currently?

And yes, just have it render out PNGs instead of using AVI, if your system goes down, just start the rendering the frame after the last PNG you have, then when it’s all done, convert the PNG sequence into an AVI or whatever you use.

The scene took 2,6 - 2,7 Gb, i have 6GB of ram and Vista 64bit.

I got error: kernel lost power - error 41, unexpected shutdown. But i forced the shutdown after freez.

The render was singleframe.

6 Gb RAM seems like plenty, (I do fine with 1GB most of the time)

Here’s a link that seems to explain your problem:

So to me it seems that you are right about the PSU, I’m guessing it’s not capable of the loads your computer is trying to pull, but I’m no expert, so don’t quote me on anything XD.

If you’ve got a 300W PSU or under, and 3+ RAM cards, and/or a nice graphics card, I would suggest getting a new PSU anyways.

According to the website it could be overheating or a bad memory card too, here’s another link I found:

Again, I’m just assuming, you could probably head over to the toms hardware forums and get much better help than you could get from me.

tell us some history about the computer…
what is it? specs… hardware, OS etc…
how old is it? etc…
a Dr. cant diagnose a problem unless he has information. :stuck_out_tongue:

a Mechanic cant fix something unless he has run at least a basic diagnostic or has common knowledge of the systems.

We want information… information… information…

My PC is old one, got it around 2007 i belive.

Mobo: P35C-DS3R.
CPU: c2d e 4500 2,2 GHz 60W.
Mem: 3 x 2GB ddr2 800 MHz A-Data memory.
GPU: is new low-end nV GT 630 4GB, takes all the power from PCI ex 16 slot.
1 sata DVD RW and 5 sata HDD’s + 1 IDE HDD.
PSU: Chieftec 750W
Vista HP 64bit

PSU served me well many years even with Ati HD-3870 ~ 3x more power hungrier GPU 155W (GT 630 is around 50W that i have now).

The crashes don’t happen every day. If PSU is broken i should have crashes all the time.
So maybe it’s GPU or motherboard.

I don’t see CPU temp. The temp sensor is either broken or the temp really is constant under every work load from 1-100%.

And then there is this option as my country’s single electric company is moving over to remote reading electric meters (installing them to all the clients). There as been fuss around it ruins sensitive electronic equipment. They use same power lines to deliver measured data back to company.

I hope to upgrade soon to x79 mobo with 8 mem dim slots. I take first 2x 8gb memory and Core i7 3820. Just in case new PSU.
Incase when old one burns down :smiley:

Just on note. The main boot HDD that holds Vista. It seeks 30-40 sec something sometimes before lets webpage to load. Weird kinda.

Make sure your video drivers are up to date! Try this: (If the freezing is too much to handle boot in safe mode)
Go into your device manager and disable+uninstall the display driver. Restart computer when you get to the desktop again it should auto detect and start the install process. Fresh and new. Restart again to be safe.

Bad shutdowns or overloaded cpu/ram can sometimes screw them up I’m finding. About every 6-9 months mine fall apart and the entire system starts acting really funny, long freezes like what you’re talking about.

edit: I’m also on vista from around 2008, my tech buddy advised against using any sort of sleep mode when I bought the machine and OS.

Ok thx for advice i appreciate it.

If it gets worse, i take ram module out one by one, if that’s bad memory. And visible inspection inside PSU and mobo, if the capacitors are broken or not. Fresh OS install might be also good idea after 4 years. And clean CPU + fresh thermal paste.

If no help then i for sure get new PC.

download this

Open hardware monitor

Or this one…
(either one… i like the open one it gives you CPU % load while running. but both are good)


Is you computer CLEAN?
the inside? have you cleaned it from dust? the CPU fan etc…
getting good air flow? compressed air works wonders(take it outside)

checking and making sure all your drivers are up to date, will help also…

Did you install the driver from or from the cd?
get the ones from the website.

Oh i just re-read your last post…
definitely a fresh install! if its been like like 4 years…
(after doing that get all your win update etc…)

also… download this and either burn it to CD or install it a usb thumb drive

parted magic

with that as soon as it boots you can scroll down to the “extras” menu (hit enter) then choose

while its running press “c” then 1 then 3 then 5(press enter) then 0

let it run for about an 1-2 hours or so…
if it doesn’t get any errors then the memory should be ok.
(if you get errors you either have a bad stick of memory or
you have the timings set to high/fast in the bios or the voltage not set right)

you can make a bootable USB pendrive with this…
(this is windows installer, you can make bootable linux usb drives with it)

or if you want a multiple usb boot drive you can try YUMI

with this one you can have say linux mint, kubuntu, ultimate boot cd, and say parted magic all on one USB key…
the first one you can can only have one per usb drive(but its easier to use imho)

Another thing to check, make sure you have the latest bios for your mobo…

If you want to you can use this program as free trial to make USB boot CD(with the above iso)
or even burn iso’s to cd(make bootable cd’s)

if you are having power issues… you may need something like this…
(obviously get something of equivalent for your country not sure what power style your country uses or plugs and things :slight_smile: i know Europe and USA have different ones. :smiley:

Thx i will test as soon as i have finished on progress render.

I download drivers from nVidia site.
I clean time to time yes, i even opened PSU and clened it up with bicycle pump.

Bios is old, i will not update Bios anymore because last one failed on the mobo that had dual bios (backup bios didn’t work either).

I definitely need fresh install but it’s gonna take the whole weekend.

If you’re worried about your power supply it would be worth investing in a UPS (uninterrupted power supply); as well as keep your computer safe from power loss, allowing you to shut down, they can also protect your system from unreliable delivery of power. Also protect against lighting hitting your line.

Vista itself is a hog; windows 7 and 8 are an absolutely massive improvement.

You can download memtest,; leave it overnight checking your memory (ie: 8ish hours).

A fresh install would be good, but I’d try something other than vista. You can upgrade to w8, cheaply from vista.

I’ve upgraded from w7 and I like it; the issue with no start button is not an issue, just hit the windows key on your keyboard.