computer question

ok i have a 500 mhz pII 8mb videocard (nvidia) an 80 gb harddrive and 300 somthing mb ram i need to know whats woud be the best thing to upgrade in my system to make better things with blender or would it be best just to opt for a now pc all togather?

Keep the hard drive :slight_smile:
I’d buy a new PC, even today’s low end will blow your old one away. Just make sure you get an nVidia card.

ok well i konw what to work tward now thanks

And remember: for rendering blender uses your RAM. So I’d recommend to get 1 GB (or more of course).

Well, it uses your RAM, yes, but more than that it uses your processor. I mean, both are increadibly important, but if you have a 600 mhz processor and 2 GB of RAM, your not going to go any faster than a 600 mhz and 512 MB. A faster processor will always speed up a render, especially if you have 512 MB RAM you should be good. You can get a nice balanced system for $500. It should have 512 MB RAM and maybe an Athlon, or Pentium processor, that would be an adaquate Blender system, plus maybe a $60 graphics card. You don’t need a fancy card to run Blender.

512 MB RAM is indeed adaquate. I have it myself in combination with a 2.8 GHz processor. A friend of mine has a similar processor but with 1 GB RAM and he renders significantly faster.
But like blazer said, 512 MB RAM makes for a good system.

RAM depend son how complex your scene is, as long as the system is not forced to swap the scene data while rendering, you have enough RAM.
However if it does, the fastest CPU will do you next to nothing since the rendering speed then depend son how fast your drives are.