Computer restarts when I select shut down

Once every day, my computer restarts when I select ‘shut down’. After it finishes restarting, I get an error message that says “Windows has recovered from a serious error.” D’oh!

Anyone know why this happens or how I can stop it? Oh, and I’m running Windows XP in case you haven’t figured that out yet.

I found this and this. I hope they help.

Thank you very much, Friday! I’m taking a look at the support right now.

Oh, and here’s more info on the error. These files are apparently the culprit:


Normally I can fix these problems myself, but I’ve been completely stumped on this. Oh, and I don’t want to touch anything named sysdata.

Run some virus scans, spyware scans, and adware scans. You never know what kind of problems those nasty buggers can cause. You may also want to run msconfig and go through the list of startup and background applications. You can look up what different applications are at

Unchecking “automatically restart” fixed the problem. Of course, that shows that something is wrong, since the computer only restarts on its own when something stops responding while it’s shutting down. I’m going to do everything you suggested- particularly the msconfig part. I’ve had problems with harmful programs in the background before.

Okay, I just finished going through msconfig. The only program that I didn’t know about was PrismXL. Anybody have any idea what that does? (googling it…)

EDIT: Ah, it’s a gateway service. I’m removing it since it apparently has some vulnerabilities to it.

Heh, looks like my manufacturer (eMachines) didn’t think this out very well.

PrismXL is a program by New Boundary Technologies that was designed to make IT Administrators and PC Manufacturers lives easier, giving them a way to quickly deploy software. As far as I know, both eMachines and Gateway use this software to do their “MASS Rollouts”. Fact is, it’s great software, but once the PC is in your house, the usefulness of PrismXL is gone. The software should have been removed before it got put in the box and sent to the store. Oh well, to err is human…

I tweaked my registry and got rid of it.

Well, I still have no idea what is causing the problems during shutdown though :stuck_out_tongue:

D’oh! Blue screen of death! It’s been 10 years since I’ve had a BSOD (that was when I was 4 years old with windows 95. I deleted the explorer. :yes:)

Looks like disabling PrismXL through msconfig was a bad idea. Time for more registry tweaking. Everything has been backed up just in case I don’t survive the blue screen of death.

*I also got rid of a program called ALCMTR as advised by