Computer setup

well i dont know if this is the right place to post this or not but i am currently in the process of bying a new computer.
and i need advice on what to aim for to be able to use blender optimal.

I think you should go for a motherboard with the latest socket. That is LGA-2011. Buy a relative “cheap” cpu because most of the lga-2011 are very expensive. between 500 and 1000euro. Later on you can overclock, and further in time you can just buy a better cpu for a better price since there would be more different kinds on the market. That’s what I’m planning to do soon. I’m also busy sorting things out for building one…

for graphics card you should check this:
I don’t understand it all but I think it should be better to buy a relative cheap one now and upgrade it also later on…

Other things I don’t know, I also need help. But there is not much action on this section of the forum… I’m gonna post my setup in a couple days for some advise.

What do you have already?

Ow yess, and go for 64-bit Operating system of course!!

In general, build something in your budget, you can easily upgrade in the future…