Computer suggestions?

I’m getting ready to buy a new computer, and instead of buying the first thing I find, like I usually do, I’d like to buy something that will actually be of use to me…

I’m looking at this one,

Any suggestions on parts to use, or other computers?

Use ther forum search, there where around 5+ threads this month about building computers for blender, gaming, wich cpu and which gpu…

I’D wait at least until the 12th of October, AMDs FX series is supposed to hit the market then. Granted, they are years behind Intel but in the midrange segment they should perform admireable. You either get a lot of bang for your buck with Bulldozer, or the Intel chips might drop in price. In any case a win for the users.

Get a mac, they’re better than PCs.

If I were to buy a computer today I would look for a few things, a solid state HD for speed, a nvidia gpu for cycles, tons of RAM, and a 3 year warranty for the hardware. I would be running 64 bit Linux though, so I am on the fringe of computer buyers :wink:

The one im looking at has a 2tb hardrive, duel nvidia graphics cards, 6core 3.46 ghz intel processor, 12gb ram, and a bunch of other stuff…

depends nvidia if you are using Cuda. Ati if you plan to use open gl or high res sculpting in blender.