Computer that will run Blender 2.8 and other things well, within $1000 range?

So, my computer is pretty old and is unable to run blender 2.8 and up. Since 2.8 initially came out I’ve been trying to get by with just 2.79, but as newer and newer features have come out, and as I’ve gotten more experienced in 3d modeling, it’s becoming more difficult to get by with just 2.79.
Also a lot of games have started cutting all support for my computer, for example Rocket league’s recent update stopped supporting my pc. So I’m not looking for a computer (I’d prefer a laptop) that is able to run most things pretty decently well within the $1,000 range (If the price needs to go above I’m fine with that). And since I know almost nothing about computers and what to look for in them, I figured I’d ask here.

So if you have any suggestions for computers, or tips on what to look for in a computer, it would be really appreciated.


I should be able to help you. Are you looking for something in-store or online? Also what country as that can affect the options available.

I’m looking anywhere in general, but online is probably my better option, since there are usually more options there.
I’m in America.

Ok that makes it a little easier lol.

This is kinda what i would suggest


Good cpu and decent gpu rtx 2060 and large 1tb pcie ssd


Basically i would make sure that there is a dedicated gpu and a decent cpu that hast at least 8 threads and 16 gb of ddr4 ram. Upgradeabilty is a bonus but not essential.

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Ok thanks! Looks like a good place to start from, I’ll look into the ASUS.