Computer Trouble

Need some help, I am working with a Dell Laptop it is an Intel®Core ™i7 CPU 32 bit operating system with 2.00 GB RAM. Everytime I try and render my finished project the computer locks up and then I get a computer is not responding message. Is my computer to slow or my graphics card not up to par or what? The graphiocs card is a NIVIDIA graphics card. I do not know anyting else aboput it. It is a work computer not mine. Could you please help me.

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Probably not enough ram, check task manager when you try render it.

If the computer is locking up and then responding with that message (as in a dialogue box not a status message in blender)… it means that the gpu is taking too long to report back to windows… as a result it kills off any cuda resources… Few things you can do, reduce tile size… reduce complexity of your model… reduce transparency depth if you have lots of transparencies going on… worst comes to worst edit your regestry settings and what not.