computer which works at night

I have made model of a computer which works at night, the truth of the keyboard нехватает, but I shall make her later, tell yours coments and offers.

this is almost realistic!great job.

Cool…its pretty good…I started blender with a computer model…it was nowhere compared to yours!

Nice Job, the single light source makes it easy to make it look realistic - the surrounding isn’t visible…

Only a bit noisy

I like the recursive scene, nice touch :smiley:

a computer that works at night?
you mean a Mac?

ummm, what? Seriously I’m pretty sure most computers do, and leave it in indigo longer, it’s grainy. Wait offers? Are you selling it?

I think the idea is that the computer is working itself at night, ie. no one is operating it, but it is doing stuff independently.

Of course, back on the indigo comment, indigo renders normally do happen at night, and the next day, and the night after that, for several weeks (Don’t mind me, I just think indigo is way too slow for the results it produces).

Probably need a faster computer or, as I’ve seen, network it. Nice idea with the blender scene, Why don’t you do an infinite mirror/render trick.

Add some thing.

dude indigo needs several hours to render, turn it on when you go to bed, and tun it off when you get home from work or school. It’s far too grainy now

THe Buttons area bit to tall…other then that im amazed

Some up.

I add a new emit, add some details.

try rendering longer overnight

You paid a lot of attention to recreate the correct atmoshpere of a night shoot and your result is very convincing.

My 2 only advices for you:

  • lower the brightness of the screen (not the light, just the screen, you can barely tell apart the different parts of your blender screenshot :eyebrowlift:)
  • change the angle of your chair to bring some natural disorder in the scene :wink: