Computer won't boot from cd drive...

Both of them.
My XP laptop (old)
And my Mac running Panther. My desktop mac, not my broken MacBook.

I started out w/ my iMac.
I wanted to install Ubuntu so I put the disk in, restarted, and held down “C.”
Nothing. Just boots up completely normally.

Then I went to my XP.
I put the disk in, restarted, and pressed f12 when I was told to.
I selected to boot from the CD drive.
I pressed enter, and the screen goes black with a little flashing underscore in the top left.
It does nothing at all, says nothing, no text, no sign if it is reading the disk.
It then boots normally.

What am I doing wrong?

Are you sure you’ve burned a ‘Live CD’ version of Ubuntu?

Try a different CD.

EDIT: Yes I have burned a live cd version of ubuntu. I’ll burn it again and see what happens. I was surfing the net while burning, so maybe that will make a difference.

I don’t think that would make a difference. The program you used might. You are burning the ISO, not just the files in it, right?

When I was trying to run Ubuntu from a disc recently (on my Macbook) I held down the option key at start-up and it gave me a choice of where to boot from (the disc or the harddrive). So I just use the arrow keys and ‘Enter’ to select the disc and it worked fine :slight_smile:

So maybe you should try holding down Option instead of the C key when you start up?

That is correct.
Nat, I am going to go do that right now!

Nope, nothing. When I held the option key down on my sister’s macbook, I got a totally pointless screen with an arrow pointing to the hard drive icon. All I could do on it was press enter to start normally. No keys except enter did anything. On my iMac, I got something else. I got another screen with an arrow pointing to the side, a rotating arrow, and a hard drive icon. I clicked on the arrow pointing to the side, and it started normally. The next time I rebooted, I clicked on the rotating arrow. It held the little clock (the loading icon in Mac Classic) for a while. Then it stopped doing the clock, and nothing happened. I pressed enter to see if anything changed, but nope. Normal boot up. It definitely did something, though… The boot up went a tad slower. The arrows didn’t do anything there either.

Anybody at all?

i dont know about mac but on pcs you can hit a key before the os starts to enter setup go thru the bios options, and select your boot order. it sounds like you have it set to default from the hdd. you will change the booting order before the os is loaded in the dos start up. hit what ever key your pc tells you to hit to enter setup.

i see that you did that for the windows pc. you have to shut off the pc and restart it for it to take effect i believe. trying it the second time might work if you remembered to save your changes and didn’t exit without saving. there should be an option to save changes and exit, then just turn it off and back on.