Computer wont show uv textures


On my computer I can play my games and the uv textures show up. But it is to slow.

So I try to play it on my parents computer but it will not show the uv texture. It just shows up white. Is there a shaders dll that has to be in game file.

Any help will be appreciated:yes:

Did you pack your textures into your blend? Otherwise it won’t be able to find them.


No I didn’t pack the textures, so that must be the problem.

How do you pack the textures.

The little icon at the right of the image name. Press it to pack the texture into the blend.


Cool. Thanks for the help.

Just one more question. I am using uv textures so will the little present box beside the uv texture name do the same thing. And also I cant get textures to work in blender 2.49 game engine if they are not uv.

Doesn’t matter. I just had a play around and figured it out but i still dont know how to get the procedual textures to work.