I want to use the game engine but i cant even do the test thing from noob to pro, because my computer is crap.

what things do i need for it to work, cos im pretty sure i dont have a 3d video card but other than that my computer might be strong enough


Zennith :slight_smile:

What OS are you running? What are the specs on your computer? Does Blender work at all?


yes blender does work fine, i can do pretty much everything even armatures, its just the game engine doesn’t work.

and i have no idea what the os thing is i’ve heard about it, is it like the running system or something.

and also im certain i dont have a 3d video card.


OS = Operating System, usually Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux.

If you don’t have any 3D acceleration at all, it’s unlikely that Blender will work very well for any purpose.