This started out as an SMC, and afterward I was using it to try to learn nodes a bit, and decided to work on it some more, and am now declaring it finished. I’m happy with the glow effect, and the lighting, and the modeling is more or less accurate to the image in my mind (Only difference is the bottom ‘cross’)

Original design (Everything but the side lights) is roughly based off of my own computer tower.


Looks nice. Even though you say that it’s finished, have you thought of adding anything else with the casing?

Mighty dark picture you got there… (oh dang i’ve been waiting to be able to say that)

Looks good, but Like bl33d said, its very dark, and it is also really washed out.

I like it :slight_smile: could use some scenic lights, like a spotlight or something lol

@Bl33d & TCrazy:
It’s intentionally dark, with most of the lighting coming from the lights on the case itself. Didn’t realize quite how washed out it is, though, thanks, I’ll be trying to do a quick fix on that.
@NoSoulX I considered adding a monitor, or a desk or something, but really I like it just how it is at the moment. A simple display.