Computerbuilding problems

Im building a blender computer and I have a problem. I have a sweex xenon xb case and it has a front panel audio conecter. There isnt a very usefull manual with it, but it is in motherboard manual. However the names on the caps of the cable of the case doesnt match the names of the pins in the mb-manual.
Can any1 of you tell me what pins go with what caps?
The case caps say:
And here is what the manual says:

Probably best to find a MB forum to get advice of someone who has already used the board but my best guess is below where XXX means unsupported (at least on that connector). I think the BLine_out_L/R could be for speakers connection via back panel, which make sense if you think you’ll only connect speakers from the front OR back of the unit, ie, not both at the same time. Hope this helps.

-gnd – AGND
-gnd – AGND
-lin – XXX
-lout – Line_out_L
-rin – XXX
-rout – Line_out_R

What dmoc said.

-gnd = ground
-gnd = ground
-lin = Left In (left channel input)
-lout = Left Out (left ear/speaker)
-rin = Right In (right channel input)
-rout = Right Out (right ear/speaker)

On the schematic
Line out_R = Line out right ear/speaker
Line out_L = Line out left ear/speaker
BLINE_OUT_R = B chanel line out right ear/speaker
used if you have a second output like speakers in the rear and a headset in the front.

The mb-manual says I only have 1 agnd pins. So I cant connect two gnd caps to one agnd pin. And the speakers connection on the back panel are already connected directly to the mb without cables. Ill ask an mb forum so I can be sure.

try its in dutch and they probably can help you there.