Computers And HD= Awesome!

Hey guys, this morning I took our desktop computer and plugged it into my HD television. And adjusted the resolution to 1080, I didn’t expect it to look this beautiful! HD movies on it are awesome! I’m wanting to buy my own pc now, just to do this stuff for myself! Its awesome! Which also brings the question, is bluray worth it? Do the movies look just as amazing on those as well?

Lol, welcome to the 20th century… oh wait :wink:

You are exploring 1080p while the industry already discusses to make 4k the new standard more less skipping 2k for home use, while it’s been rightfully argued that 4k is pointless for a TV, but I guess as long as it sells there’s no arguing about it’s sense…

I am curious, what display do you use on your computer? It’s been literally a decade that I worked on anything below at least 1080 vertical resolution.

But to answer your question, once seen a BR and then watching a DVD again you’ll be “WTF?”.
Over here even most television stations are in HD already, don’t you have that? Best way to compare before buying a BR Player as you already seem to have a HDTV.

Naeh, the industry is more into 8k than 4k, hehe, at least in Japan… 4k, that’s for children. Japanese children… ;D

(and most people don’t see the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 50", hehe)

I have a 20’ HD monitor plugged into a quad core machine and I often have it set to 1024x768 :eek:

I’ve been thinking recently though that maybe, just maybe I should finally switch to an HD resolution (not one of the larger ones though or the icons and labels in WinXP become tiny)

I just have 19’ with 1280x720 resolution. :wink:

lol, Yeah, I know, I’m late, seems I’m always that way. If I remember right, the computer screens resolution is like 1440 by 810(Not positive on that). Yeah, I don’t get any network channels on my TV, I mostly use it for gaming. My family has Satellite on our other TV, but that TV is a 4:3, and definitely not HD. I know that whenever I watch a movie on DVD anymore, it seems kinda low res. So I hope that Blu Ray gets rid of that completely!

4k seems a little extreme.

I’m going to start building a computer from Newegg pretty soon. So hopefully I’ll be able to run it on my HD Television, or a new Monitor that has HD. What is the actual benefit of a monitor over a TV?

??? You just set icons and font size to large after increasing the resolution…

And using a HD screen in it’s non native resolution is one of the worst things to do for image quality. Either the display or the graphic card has to do the scaling.
If your screen is full HD it has 1920px horizontal resolution. If you run it with 1024 (I lol’d) you can easily find out what happens if you calculate 1920/1024
Each pixel has to be scaled to 1.875 pixels which is physically impossible.

Quite intresting so many people use such low resolutions… I currently use 3120x1900 over two screens and constantly run out of space when working. Thought about getting a 3rd screen.
And the aliasing of anti aliased fonts and lines at low resolutions is just a pain, or if you can spot the individual subpixels.

My monitor actually has the ability to crop the display area to fit the resolution with even pixel size so the only difference I see is a black bar on each side, so no quality loss here.

It’s much like the black bars on the top and bottom when the big screen TV we got around 10 years ago is set to an HD channel (which we don’t plan to replace anytime soon as long as it works)

You might as well buy a motorcycle and only run it in the first gear.