Computing a surface from various outline pre-requisites.

Well, unfortunately Blender is not the fairy godmother…

You seem to be hellbent on using the wrong tool for the task. You’re the guy who uses a hammer to tighten screws, complains about things not working correctly and then asks for a fix/addon to enhance the hammer - instead of just using a screwdriver.

No matter how much you want it: Blender is not up to the task. Its NURBS functions are rudimentary at best. So either you get yourself a screwdriver or use nails (polygons) instead of screws (NURBS) to build your models.

try it with Nurbs surface it should be possible to follow the curve contour.

i’v done very complex 3D surfaces with Nurb surfaces but need to practice a little
but in Bl it Is limited until we get more options

might be easier to do in Moi if you have it

on note you provided only one curve in 3D
then how do you determine the gradient in 3D for the surface ?

happy bl