Computing Workshop

This summer I am teaching game design at a sort of computer camp for students primarily with autism.

I am using Multimedia Fusion for 2d games. It’s a great program and very easy to use. But I need something for 3d games.

Of course, the first program I thought of using was blender. I’ve been using blender for years but only just recently begun to really use the game engine. I purchased the blender gamekit and downloaded some sample games.

But I wanted to ask, what tips can anyone give me for teaching someone completely new to blender the best way to get started?
Maybe there are some tutorials or something I missed.

you can find great demo’s and examples on:

For your 2d games i would like to advise you “Gamemaker” instead of Multimedia Fusion.
I worked with MM fusion for several years to make my 2D games, but after i found Gamemaker it’s so much easier.
There is also a free version so take a look at it.

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