computus interuptus

earlier today i was working on a project, when all of a sudden an apparent frenzy broke out nearby. it sounded as if two squirrels were outside my window having a territorial dispute. i went to the window, and looked about but saw nothing. imagine my horror when i realized the sound was coming from my computer! :o it turns out, my video card fan had gone to pieces. :stuck_out_tongue: what was even funnier was the computer repair guy says " it sounds like a pair of chipmunks fighting in there. " lol. anyway it’s fixed now thankfully.

wow, ive never heard of a fan just breaking like that…

but i have a friend who had a CD shatter into pieces in his CD-ROM drive…that took a long time to clean up…

Happened to my cousin. He was so proud of his 52x CD-ROM drive, but when he put in some cheap burned CD, it shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces. After he cleaned the drive out it still sounded a little weird when running. Still chattered every once in a while.

I’ve had one incident where a PC ejected a CD while the drive was still spinning it full speed. That was horrifyingly impressive, bits of plastic everywhere!

i had a cd do that before it opend by itself and there were pieces everywhere