ComradeCG - Sketchbook

Hi. I find interesting to watch another’s sketchbooks so I decided to start my own thread. First of all I want to improve my sculpting skills, because level of them is very low. Also I want to improve my english skills which lower then Mariana Trench.:o

That model I sculpted yesterday. Use for reference statue of August. But he even doesn’t close like August :slight_smile:


Some quick render. I tried create bronze.

Female sculpt from photo.

Hello, comrades. Today I’ve tried to sculpt Audrey Hepburn. What do you think guys? Why this sculpt is bad and doesn’t have similarity with the gorgeous woman? I will happy to hear any critique.

And I realized eyeballs are too big. I made them smaller and made other little changes.

The bronze looks good

Today sketch. Old man.

Made some changes with a previous sculpture and made the render.

Not done yet. Actually I’ve sculpted the body at first time. So if you see that something is wrong with anatomy - tell me, please :slight_smile: Will happy to listen any critique.

An interesting sketchbook.
The girl looks amazing already.

Thanks, @michalis. But it actually not done yet.

Here you can see some changes. Ohh. I even didn’t make ears.

hi comrade, your sculpts are great already… likeness is difficult, audrey is particularly difficult, since her likeness relies on quiet subtle forms… one point all your faces have wrong is how the nose is attached to the face: in your scupts the noses stick off the face completely when looking at the bottom of nose. but it should only be half. so when looking from sideview at a face you see the bottom of nose swings behind(!) the profile line into the wings… to get this in your sculpts, add material in the region between bottom of nose and upperlips, so much that the bottom of nose is covered about half. this will pull the mouth forward too, and create the rounded area needed so that the teeth can stay inside… i hope this helps, keep up your good work!
the last sculpt is beautiful already! watch out for proportions! hands and feet are too small. feet are one third longer than head, hands are about length of face to hairline… the head is a tad too big for the body, i think…

Thanks, @doris , for comments. :slight_smile: I’ll be carefully with nose in future. I have some feelings when I looked on the nose in my sculpt, but I didn’t understand what is wrong. I need more practice with sculpt and watch more reference.

About the last sculpt.

hands are about length of face to hairline…

Actually I thought the hands are too big so I make them smaller. I check it on ortho projection and hands is smaller (about 1-2 cm) then face to hairline. Also I check this rule on my face and I find my hands end on half of forehead. Or I have really big head or my hands is small :slight_smile: About feets. I afraid to make too big feets and I wanted make them little and cute (but they looks ugly right now becuase my sculpt skills arn’t perfect :slight_smile:

Here is an ortho view. I didn’t change anything yet.

thanks for orthoview, but i do not use it for sculpting, as it is not what our eyes are used to see… you are right, of course, what i mentioned are rules of thumb only, to be used as a guide. many people have measurements that are different than these rules… when you choose to make thefeet, and hands, smaller to make them look cute, it is good artistic choice. but check in the end, if you feel it looks good to you, if yes then it is good, trust your heart. if not, you can always scale them up just a very little, and still keep a cute look… keep on your good work, i will watch as it is a pleasure.

I didn’t plan do something with the sculpt (that was just study and learning body), but I decided make scene like this. Some kind of GITS style. I hope I can complete this scene. I plan to change pose, add hair and improve background (add some details).

So. Here is crude variant. Almost all work was done in blender’s compositor and some little changes in photoshop.

With hair I had troubles, so I decided remove them.

Final version.