Comunity game brainstorm and random ideas. Every one welcome

It seams to me that we have made it literally impossible to successfully pitch a game on this forum. Either some one give too much information, resulting in…

You sound like your trying to make us make your game for you. So lazy.

or not enough information…

Your not going to provide us with a full proposal? So immature.

or some information but not all…

Your trying to make us make your game for you but your not even going to provide us with a full proposal? So lazily immature!

So I was thinking that most new games probably start by people chatting about stuff during lunch. So thats what this is. Chatting about stuff. Everyone is welcome to participate, even if you don’t know anything about games. The only rule is that nothing said in this chat is binding. If you want to commit to something, the commitment has to be restated somewhere else.
I will not be starting the conversation because I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not pitching any particular game. Someone else has to start it

as you can see, the problem starts even before… people don’t even react/answer…

The best you can do it’s to create (or start with an existing one) your own game system and hope people will join your project. You have to constantly update and show progress of your work to show people it won’t be left as a zombie project (99% of bge projects) in middle of nowhere .

Edit : lol, i didn’t see it was you Cortu.

I kinda thought people would respond to this, I mean who doesn’t like talking about video games? I have a friend that has, on more then one occasion, spent like an hour discussing the effects flying mounts had on world pvp. I even tried to start with a joke, but maybe it sounds like I’m just whining like every body else. Perhaps I should have post scripted it with a bazzenga :slight_smile:. Its only been a few days I guess. If nothing else hopefully this will entertain the robotic spiders that have been reading it.

So I will respond to your post with a random game idea sense thats sort of what this is supposed to be about.

It starts with a youtoober doing a bge tutorial.

Hes like,
I’m doing this tutorial on this great new library I found called The Code of Zod. You just type in " from zod import iWinButton " then type " iWinButton(‘makeGame’) ". Its awesome! I posted a link in the comments below, but I think the link might be down. You could probably find a copy on the forums or something.

Then you have to delve into the Infinite Development Cycle to compile The Code of Zod! But unforchently the way is blocked by ever increasingly vicious waves of Internet Trolls!
I even wrote the sound track.

This is the project that never ends. It just goes on and on my friends. Some people started coding it because they didn’t knnKnoo0oOOooow…

Hi Cortu,
I have been here long enough to see many community projects come and go and most of them fail for the same reason. After a while the project gets to the hard part and since people are not around each other to encourage and support members that are struggling, the development slows down and people lose interest and motivation.

From my experience best received community projects where started by Monster, who started them by making a scene and then people will go in turns adding to the scene to leave a mark and continue the project.

Something like that might be possible with a game project. First you get people to vote on the type of game they would like to play in Blender. Lets say a racing game wins the vote.
A small team of 2-3 people can create a good base for the racing game, with 1 map and 1 racer. Provide a template file for the map and racer with rules and guidelines and share it with the community.
Everyone in the community will be able to create their own maps and racers and post them for others to download and use in the game.
That way nobody is forced to make anything and everyone can join.

Once the template and base game is stable and the community can drop blend files in a folder to add new content, the core team can start another vote for the next project.

Its just and idea and feedback is welcome.

I’m agree with this. The problem with BGE community in general is that everyone is supposed to start from scratch. So a good python coder will make some interesting scripts, will put them on github and nobody will even know their existence or even know how they could be usefull for his project. The artists, on their side, will have full of ideas but will be stucked after they made the usual gun-camera-parented.

A good conversion one can have is about game logic design : for exemple, the game im working on is heart pulsed by actions : Action Actuator - Actuator Sensor (tap- invert) … works pretty well for the moment.

I participated in a bgmc awhile ago and had a similar idea. The thought was that instead of everyone making there own game, we would all participate on the same game. It would go in stages with a strict deadline. Like one week for the pitch, then there would be a vote. Maybe two weeks for the basic setup, then another two weeks to fill it out and polish it. So a month or two. If people still wanted it to be a competition, then there could be a vote at the end for best code, art, overall contribution or something.

I also had an idea about this. If the core team was only about five people, four players and a gm, then you could have regular meetings, witch would end by playing pnp over voip. If someone was like, “Sorry for being late and missing the meeting. So we gana rescue the regent or what?”. Then you could be like, “You missed the meeting, eh? No goblin slaying for you!”. That would get people to participate :slight_smile:. You could even hand out fate chips for awesome contributions! :grin:

I’v done some prototyping with the vehicle physics and there pretty marginal. There fine for adding a tank to a fps or something, but I wouldn’t make a game with cars as the main focus. Not unless it had some other draw to it. I haven’t worked with it for about two years tho, so maybe theres been some improvement. It might be possible to find a c coder that would be interested in working on them.

You have some interesting ideas worth trying out, maybe you should make a thread suggesting it.

When talking about racing in Blender I was thinking more like a Mario Kart game with arcade style driving.

Some time ago I did a review of my work, and tried to decided why my games are so bad, and came to the following conclusion. Coders know how to make a game that works, but they don’t know how to make a game that is fun. Artists can make a game fun, but they don’t know how to implement it. So coders make lots of games that work but are no fun, while artists make lots of fun games that don’t actually work.
I’ve been doubting weather I have what it takes to make a game on my own, but I know I’m not really good at community organization either. I’ve been thinking that maybe I should consider mediums that are more suitable for single development. But idono. I’ve done some marking studies over the years, and it seems to me that it takes about ten years to make an indie game. That assumes that your starting from nothing. If you have prior experience it can take a lot less, depending on how much time you have to spend on it. By that standard I’m actually doing reasonably well, so idono.

I didn’t like Mario Cart personally, we could probably do better then that. Bges vehicles are about on the level as Gta 3, but different.

ive had some very good success with bge vehicle wrapper physics. ive found a pretty good balance of usability and cartoony drifting, although there is still room for improvement.

Ya, the vehicle wrapper definitely seems usable. What I meant was that it wasn’t good enough to stand on its own in a game. You could do something that had vehicles and more, like Carmagedon, C&C Renegade, Gta, Interstate 76, Quarantine, Pod Racer, maybe even Stunts. I was just thinking that it ot to be more than seeing who can drive around a big circle fastest. Recollecting, many of the racing games I’v played have had some really bad physics. I might be over estimating there importance.
Most of these games I mentioned are quite old tho, are there any modern examples of good racing games with simplistic physics? My computer cant run much postdating 2010, excepting 2d indie. As a result I don’t really pay attention.
In an unrelated note, lately I’ve been reading Merceneiress. I’m at the end of the first story arch. I don’t know about anyone in particular, but I bet we could get an armature author to community license there work. I was thinking Agis Shield from Liberty Lass would make a great console style rpg. I’v never played a console styled super hero rpg. Closest would be Freedom Force. It seems like most game studios are like “We have an entire building full of people that can speak English! What do we need to hire authors for?”. Writing is an art, it take skill, just like any other.
I’d think that UpBge would probably be the best game engine for heavily baked fixed camera rpgs and adventure games. You could do everything in situ and the interface is awesome! Who could beat that?:smile:

like this?

I could just stand here and complain all I was taught in school is C++ for businesses, thus I cannot do anything but handle your finances (spoiler alert: i actually can’t), or I could sit the heck down and try my best to learn new things. Which one do you think works best?

One-man game development almost requires you to be a jack of all trades; no team and no funds means you have to do it yourself.


Something along those line. Its shocks are too stiff and it seems be rolling over a lot, but it looks like about what I would expect from the vehicle wrapper. Btw, I pulled out gta3 yesterday, and the driving is really pretty bad. I thing bges driving is probably actually better overall then gta3’s. But the Bge has some weird problems that are different, like linear traction, and the shocks getting stuck in a compressed state. It’s been several years sense I prototyped it, so its possible theres been improvement sense then. Maybe I did something wrong too.

I was not necessarily talking about any particular game, and if I was, then my own. I tried to look at my game objectively and ask “If this wasn’t my game would I play it?”. And I answered “Absolutely, certainly, unequivocally, NO.”. I decided that my game needed one of three things. Multilayer, story, or a complex tactical skirmish with quality ai. I’m pretty sure that I could potentially do all three of these things, but I’m not sure that I partially care to. The one that interests me most at this time is working on the story, so I’ve been doing that. But for the last few weeks I’ve just been doing tutorials on the wiki. I’m getting kinda bored of it now. At any rate, maybe Throne of the Unforgiving will prove me to be a lazy hubber. I’d be very pleased if it dose so.:slight_smile:

One can’t do three things at the same time, that’s a given. What I’m saying is avoiding to do any work on aspects I’m not comfortable or experienced in is not an option for me either. Heck, I’d rather do animations or paint textures all day long than squeeze my brains out trying to optimize my code; but programs don’t write themselves.

All in all, study and hard work pay off big time, that’s what I’m getting at. I believe in pushing myself.

it’s all done in python with raycast and apply force I can tune it in seconds :smiley:

My animations are absolutely horrible. There probably the thing I’m weakest at. I tried to register my walk animation with The Ministry of Silly Walks, but they complained that it was far too silly.

Wait are you saying its pure python, as in you didn’t use the built in vehicle physics module? I’d love to read the code for that.:slight_smile: Is there a way you could post it? I can’t really read C at all but I can read python very well.

rayCar2B.blend (569.3 KB)