CONAN, the cartoon

(cartoon shaman) #1

finally I get it! This is my tribute to Conan, very cartoonish, as is usually in me, :D. I will upload the turnable soon:

(David McDermott) #2

fantastic! I love it. Lots of appealing detail, the logo is great.

(themonster) #3

very nice!!!

(Ryeath) #4

Really nice work. Love the color scheme.

Did you use simulator for the blood splatter on the skulls, or just paint it in?

(Madrid82) #5

Five stars.

(llazzllo) #6

That’s awesome!

(juanrav) #7

that on the sword is ham? I hate aggression (no joke) it is great, the render.

(navybrat) #8

love everything about this!!!

(Nita) #9

OMG this is awesome… i love all your art works… they are amazing.


(michalis) #10

Excellent !!!
I wish a nice crop for the toprow… he he

(Safetyman) #11

Excellent work.

(tc2466) #12

Very nice, indeed!!! Well Done!!!

(elbriga) #13

amazing! perhaps the feet could be more dynamically posed but well, it’s hard to find anything to say, juste great job!

(Richard W) #14

Let’s try this again. I tried featuring this last night, but it didn’t seem to want to do it.

(Blender Matt) #15

Excellent work! I like the presentation, perfect for the subject. :yes:

(gipi25) #16

Great Work !!! Nice character design

(JoolsMcFly) #17

ha ha very cool. Even though it’s a super caricature we can easily recognize him. Hats off. Love the style.

(saqib hussain) #18

nice work!!!

(cartoon shaman) #19

many thanks. Is just a texture applied using a uvmap taken from above

Many thanks to the rest of responses, I will come back with new nostalgic characters soon :stuck_out_tongue:

(Steve S) #20

This is terrific. Do you have any plans to animate him?

Steve S