Concentrated Solar PETE Thermionic Generator

Tech A = Fresnel lens

Tech B = Fishing String Muscle

Tech C =Thermoelectronic Energy Converter

with recent breakthroughs in B and C -> and the fact that we may soon be able to print A from recycling…

I think we may have a winner.


With S. Meir of our former group at Augsburg University and T.H. Geballe at Stanford University, we have developed a new method to solve the space-charge problem using electric and magnetic fields (cond-mat / article) [6]. To remove the static space charges, a positively charged gate electrode is inserted into the emitter–collector space to create a potential trough. In a virtually lossless process this trough accelerates the electrons away from the emitter surface and decelerates them as they approach the collector. A nominally homogeneous magnetic field H applied along the electron trajectories prevents loss of the electrons to a gate current by directing them through holes in the gate on helical paths circling straight axes. This process turns the static space-charge cloud, which previously blocked the electron emission, into a useful output current.

Aim assembly with this + hot and cold from sun/shade