Concept art for a videogame

I created this concept art for a studio that needed to create an urbanistic puzzle game aimed for tablets and mobile.

Here are some key elements from the brief I got:

  • main color around brown and terracotta, with pops of color on the elements
  • city of Ferrara and Estense castle as a reference to build the models
  • references were Islanders and Townscaper
  • fixed POV and the gameplay would work with a grid to help the player build the world.

Since the game was meant to have a fixed grid I planned and designed my work having that in mind. I decided that all houses would have the same dimensions to make the building process easier; inspired as if it was a LEGO set. This way I could vary the elements by adding an extra block on top, rotating a midsection, or even the roof. Because the POV is fixed, all houses were modeled having at least two front doors and different windows on the opposite sides, so if two identical houses would be next to each other, I could rotate the ground floor of one and the entrance would be different. All floors also had this possibility. This process wouldn’t translate necessarily to the final gameplay. However, for the concept art phase (with a tight deadline), the goal was to create a solid art and to make the workflow fast and easy to address possible changes requests.

Hope you enjoy this concept art.