Concept art for new project...

Thought i might post up some stuff were working on. The Project is in its early stages, but for one of the fiust characters being made in cg, our texture painter Justin Johns and myself scooped this up quickly so i can start on the first cg character (there are 4 in this short movie).

hopefully i can get the cg version done soon to show you

Well I already told you it sucked ass in #BlenderChat, so I will tell you again, it sucks ass! :stuck_out_tongue:

J/K. Can’t wait to see what you do with this one.

BTW, where is the email? Send it here [email protected]


KOOL! Can’t wait to see it Blenderized :smiley:

PS: Varg, if you read this… I just want you to think about this:
Does this sketch remind you of something?

yes it actually rings a couple of bells, erase the shield, modify the sword, cut a little of his hair, dress him with a trenchcoat, normal pants, normal shirts, and normal shoes, and buala! fallen

fred toy a . de tener mas posts q vos, LohnC, r u gonna do an animation of somewhat medieval times or an rpg?, any way nice models