Concept art-Hero

I made this for my ongoing game project
check this out I need comment and suggestion to improve further.

Awaiting response.

Thanx in advance.


We can’t comment if you don’t upload the image correctly.

You must upload it to an image-hosting service and then post the link here. You can use or

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I forgot about the thumbnails.

Oh really sorry Ninth jake I have uploaded the image once again please check

Looks pretty good, just a few things though.

The first set of abs (from below) are stretching all the way down to the adductor muscles and are not really showing no matter how “ripped” you are.

The fourth set of abs (from below) are starting right below the pectoralis major.

Can’t really see anything wrong with the rest of it but you should probably use anatomical references while modeling him.

Looks pretty good though, nice job :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh and you probably want to draw a side-view as well so you can use it while modeling.

Thanx Ninth Jake,

Yeh U are correct, I would keep that in mind anyway thanx 4 reply.

And yeh i would make side pose even but this was just the concept i thought.
anyway your comment served me a inspiration to go further.

Here is the model for the concept:

My thread for the project is at:


A quick tip for the abs for you want to gain a bonus point for realism. Almost always go for a four pack not a six pack even amongst the super fit every few people are ripped enough to show a six pack. Comic books and body building mags can deluded you into believing that six packs are common but the are not.