Concept art - The exit

A render I did in a couple days in blender with a huge time in Photoshop.

I decided to start posting my stuff on instagram and I like putting text as a note to myself, mostly for the camera. + it act at some sort of fun signature ahah


Love your color choices!
I’d maybe incorporate a focus point where the light shines at, too, since my eyes are always travelling from the upper half to the bottom of the image. The red colors grab my attention since they tell me its something important, but the light shines at something else. I think a little continuation of red in the lighted area would do wonders.
But thats just my perspective. All in all, great job!


Thats a great advice ! Its hard when you spend hours on something to take the time to think about where your eyes go.

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Yes, absolutely, I experience that all the time. It’s better to leave the wip for a day (even though thats frustrating often times) and come back to it with “fresh eyes” :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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