Concept art to 3D Modeling needed ASAP

Hello, We are currently looking for a 3D modeler that can take our 2D images/sketches and model them to 3D objects. These objects will be used in the Unity engine. The models will be a mixed variety of things such as small objects to characters that will be rigged and animated. These models will be used in slot machine style games. If you are interested please send us a PM with your hourly rate and a link to your portfolio/demo reel and we will reply to set up a time for a phone/skype interview.

This position is a short-term contract with the potential for a full-time position, if interested. We are on a time constraint to get 8 to 10 slot machine style games done in the next 90 days.

Thank you.

I would like do work in this project. I’m a character modeler with solid knowledges. Take a look at my portfolio:
Skype name: andre.gomes.prado
My price is: US$ 8,00/hour or you can pay me for each character, I need to see the style and the complexity.
Thank you!!!

Sent you a PM

I sent you a PM

PM Sent.

Thank you all for sending us your information. We are currently looking over all the applicants and will be setting up interviews today or tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience.

Interviews are now closed. Thank you all that applied. The people that we asked to do concept art for us have been contacted for their PayPal info so they can be paid for the time spent on the concept art during the interview process.

Again, thank you all that applied. We may need another Artist/Modeler in the very near future, so please watch the forum for another thread.

Thanks again!