Concept Artist needed for a book project.


My name is Kalin Parushev and I am on the verge of completing my first book.

Without revealing much, I will just say that two souls are on the edge of collision, from which a great adventure is about to be born. Blades slashing through the air, arrows whispering the deadliest of songs, earthshattering battles, deception and betrayal can be found under the Nusian sun.

I have put a lot of effort in trying to create an exotic, dangerous and mysterious new world. Adjacent to the book project, I am working on an animated short that will hopefully be able to give a glimpse of this epic adventure in the making.(using Blender of course).

I was sure I wanted to have illustrations from the very beginning and as the project progressed, my thoughts got consumed by this challenge.

So, I am looking for a concept artist that could complete 12, to 16 2D illustrations. Characters, breathtaking valleys, treacherous mountains , busy market squares, things of that nature.

Things to know:
-Comfortable deadline. I am planning to publish the book by the end of 2015, so I think this is more than enough time.
-I will provide a rough concept for each of the images, with notes, references and so on.

Things I need from the artist:
-Please provide an updated portfolio with your most recent work.
-Fee for your service. Can it be negotiable or not.
-email address and/or Skype

Should you be interested and you require more information, please send me a private message here, or use my email address, which is: [email protected]