Concept Arts ? For Blender modeling

I really like to model characters, and i am getting better at it, but as everybody that has done it before knows having a concept art work, (blue prints of the character) , is a big help in modeling

But i am not very good at drawing those, and drawing in general

So is there a place where artist post concepts that are free to model from or something like that

You can always google around to look for creative commons art or where the artist has given permission for people to use his or her work for 3d modeling etc. If the artist hasn’t given such persmission you can always just ask the artist if you can make use of their artwork.

Having said all that you can come over to the darkside and do what 90% of cg artists do, use Google Image search, make fan art and worry about the legal consequences later.

Most companies tend not to go after 3d artists or 2d ones for that matter especially if you are not making money from your fan art.

deviantart is a good place to start. There a lot of artists post their artwork.