Concept car (08-11, added kinda "making of")


I recently started drawing cars. At first just to practice putting free form surfaces in perspective, but I found it to be much fun (I’m not exactly a car enthusiast, at least I wasn’t).

As you can see, it’s a WIP. The perspective is a little off, but I considered the sketch to be good enough to finaly go on with the GIMP and my tablet.

The design of the car is loosely based on Lamborghini. But in the end this is more about technique.

Any comments and detailed crits are welcome!

That looks very nice. Great line work.


Thanks! Traced the original drawing one time before scanning (was rather messy :slight_smile: )

Nice job so far. I like the overall smooth and streamlined look to it.
I’m sure you know this, but you’re having some issues with perspective. The front part of the car looks ok, but starting from the door, things look slightly skewed. Overall, it appears as if the car’s body is suffering from elastic tension; I get the feeling that it might snap and fold upwards, since the top is not long enough. Also contributing to the skewed feeling is the back wheel, which faces us too much and does not agree with the positioning of the front wheel.
Otherwise, nice attention to detail.

Wow, very good. The side of the car facing the camera looks kind of tilted.

ditto, but nice lines. will look swish all coloured.

Thanks, sno4wy, R2Blend and traitor.
Yep, I’m aware of those problems, ubt it’s a good thing you go into detail, sno4wy, since it’s sometimes hard to see what exactly is wrong when staring at a drawing for so long.

Can’t fix that, will have to do a better job on the next drawing. Cars, and especialy sportcars are damn difficult, but fun and there’s much to learn, even (or maybe especialy) when things go wrong. Before starting with this, I actualy thought I had well developed skills in perspective drawing, now I know about my weaknesses much better :slight_smile:


very nice, excellent shading. i hope you will be putting some nice glossy reflections on it!

dont forget the brightness of the ground will light up the underside of the car, just a wee bit at the front where there is no shadow…

Thanks, traitor. Actualy shading/reflections on the body were meant to be finished, but I guess I should do something to make it all look sharper.

Didn’t think about light bouncing from the ground. Good thing you mention that, even though it can be only very subtle.

yeah, try seeing what it looks like with the linework erased, (i hope you shaded on a different layer!)

traitor: not one seperate layer, several! :slight_smile:

The Wheel needs more work. I will try to copy it to create the rear wheel later on.

sweeeeet, looks fantastic.

Thanks, traitor :smiley:

The most important thing I learned is: better put more work into the sketch and go for precision, because missing details and blurry areas cause a lot of extra work later on.

I call it finished, but might revisit and slightly tweak it later on.
C&C and questions are welcome.

Damn! That looks great.

You car looks great.

I must admit, I am somewhat a stickler on correct perspective and proportions. I noticed a proportion error on the front left wheel well. It doesn’t match the curve of the front right wheel well. Either stretch the front left one out more or exaggerate the front right some more. The front left wheel well seems a little too bubbly in my opinion.

This is a great car. When can I expect to buy one :D.

This turned out great, a short totorial on how you got the car to look so smooth and shiny would be great :slight_smile:


Thanks, =KH=Lupus, mystery00 and especialy jaycun.

Jaycun: I’m aware of that error, but I would better have gotten it right on the sketch, it’s too hard to correct now, especialy since it’s not the only problem. But it’s good you see and point out such things.

I might post something about the layer build up later. Maybe even an in progress downsized XCF, if there’s interest.

Ok, some explanation:

First I created lots of paths for all parts/sections of the car. With a little training working with paths can be quite fast, and results in well defined and smooth selections.

It’s important to recreate every curve only once. For example, using one path follwing only the inside of the left lights/glass. An intersection with the main outline results in the final selection.

I work with the airbrush and a custom brush, with the editor window always open, often changing size and hardness.

Now, on the bottom you see the base color layer, in combination with all window, interior and lights layers plus highlights (white). Base color on seperate layer allows to change the color, without rebuilding the shading (even though some adjustments might be needed for drastic changes).

Above reflections from ground, created by using the color picker (use Ctrl to switch to color picker, from any drawing tool).

Reflections from the sky.

Shading (black).

Light (on black ground just to make it clearly visible).

Hope this is of use, don’t hesitate to ask questions or post comments on this technique.