Concept car 2018

My new concept car. Still work in progress. I can’t say anything because i am bad for english. So what you think about it? and can you give me critique or comment please to improve it. And visit my site you can find many tutorial for Blender 3D. And thanks for it.

And this is Back view of my concept car, it like a Ford or not?

Hello !

I’ll use simple english for you

So, I think modeling a concept it’s always a very good training and work
Your model is interesting, I like the backview, the lights of the back is interesting,

The bad point from my judgment :
Maybe improve what surrounds the windows, too heavy, too thick
The shaps of the doors : that’s a good idea, I think you should make the line from the front to the back of the car, not just on the door

May I see the wire of your work? For give you some tips about it, and help you to improve it


looks interesting :slight_smile:

Looks like a cross between the new dodge charger and a chrysler 300 only critique I can give so far is that the tires seem a little too big compared to the rim size. The sidewall profile of the tires seem too tall. Almost more like an off road type tire rather than a luxury type vehicle. Looking great though. Love the concept and keep with it. Can’t wait to see what final outcome is going to be.

first pics looks like a very big car
too much height I think

can you put some one beside it so we can see proportions

good start anyway
add some basic material

happy cl