Concept Car Essence

Hello, fellow Blenderers!

In March 2008, I made a blueprint for a car I called essence. It looked like this:

I started this thread, but never got very far with it (the mesh was horrendous, anyway). So over the past two weeks, I remodeled it, and since it turned out, I thought I’d share it…


And now:

nice concept! i would like to see a render of that with a little less mirror… its a little distracting… but nice car!

Dude, very good job! I think the design is well done! As well as the model etc.

Thanks! I know the reflections are a bit strong…I just love raytracing, I guess :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s a less dramatic and more visible render.

thats much better! can i test drive? :stuck_out_tongue:

nice and different concept…one of my friend has also worked in the same kind of project but he has designed a truck with different innovative art…
i believe we can do anything by using our artistic minds if we have it…
so try to find out how we can highlight our potentials…
this is really good job

oh man! thats cool…

Very nice modeling.

I think that you need to tone down the HDRI a bit though, it’s way to reflective.